Your, My and Our Dictionaries (2015-) *click*


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My own dictionary: “Your, My and Our Dictionaries” is structured as a two–channel text: key words that I encounter in daily life are given definitions from the Oxford English Dictionary Online (OED) alongside my own definitions as an artist, Jin’s English Dictionary (JED) which are shaped by my experience, thoughts, feelings and painting methodology. YMOD contains three divisions: the first is the juxtaposition of the OED and the JED mentioned above; the second is the page break between the original text written in English on the left and the translated text in Korean on the right; the third division is between the two halves of the book: the first eight pages consist of the definitions of OED and JED, labelled with the page number of the relevant painting, while the latter eight pages include my thoughts and methodology, for instance my motivations, the titles of the paintings, and the literary quotes that inform the work.  This second part is written only in Korean, not translated into English, loosely editing and hash-tagging the key terms described in the first part of the YMOD.


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